How Trump’s Trade War Went From 18 Products to 10,000


Note: Circles represent commodities on which countries have imposed tariffs; their sizes are based on the dollar value of imports of those commodities in 2017. Some commodities on which countries imposed tariffs were not imported to those countries in 2017, and are therefore not shown. In cases where countries released categories of products, all imports of products that fall within those categories have been included. The value of China’s imports is based on exports from the United States to China in 2017, as China had not published its full list of imports for 2017 at the time of publication. Except for China, the value of each country’s imports is based on its published records from 2017. For the United States, the value includes imports from China, the European Union, Canada, Mexico, Japan and South Korea.

Sources: Commodity data from government releases; import and export data from IHS Markit’s Global Trade Atlas. Specific solar products, washing machines, steel and aluminum products subject to tariffs by the United States are based on an analysis by IHS Markit as well as government publications.

Additional work by Adam Pearce, Karl Russell, Jugal Patel, Larry Buchanan and Josh Williams.


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