VMware vSphere 5.5 Course for $29

Server virtualization is an increasingly popular method employed in enterprise environments to improve performance, availability, and efficiency from server infrastructure and applications. VMware vSphere is an especially useful tool, providing an outstanding foundation for any cloud computing environment. Due to its popularity, administrators are constantly in demand, and this course will take you from the very basics of installation and configuration to more advanced management techniques of vSphere 5.5, the most up to date virtualization platform on the market.

  • Access 7 complete units of study 24/7
  • Work through some of the foundation elements of VM & VMware
  • Understand more about server virtualization & the various forms of data storage available
  • Install & use ESX & ESXi & recognize the steps needed to join an active directory domain
  • Learn how to configure virtual machines & work w/ VM files
  • Introduce yourself to the Vcenter server, including its architecture
  • Discover how to manage a virtual world, from creating & configuring alarms to creating resource pools & configuring the VMware converter
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