eBlocker Pro + 1-Yr Update License for $149


There are many solutions out there for securing your internet connection and letting you remain anonymous while you’re browsing, but eBlocker Pro goes beyond that. This one device is the complete plug and play solution for protecting everyone on your network, across all of their devices. No extra customization is necessary, just connect and revel in a new high-speed, secure internet experience as all trackers and ads are completely blocked.

  • Tracker blockers blocks data collectors tracking your online activity
  • Ad blocker blocks evasive, data-gathering online ads
  • IP anonymization optionally hides your visible IP address in a different country
  • Device cloaking optionally cloaks your device, allowing it to simulate a different device
  • Speeds up your browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads & trackers
  • Protects port 80 (http) & 443 (https)


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