Did animal rights activists drive popular female hunter to suicide?


There was a target plastered on Spanish hunter Melania Capitan’s back.

Capitan, 27, was found dead of an apparent suicide at her apartment in Huesca, Spain.

Spanish hunting magazine Jara y Sedal said online animal rights activists made the hunter the hunted.

Capitan was a Facebook smash hit with her smouldering looks, hunting adventures and tips. She had around 39,000 followers.

But some of her tone-deaf missives angered animal rights activists with many leaving angry messages, the Daily Mail reports.

Capitan reportedly left a suicide note for pals but so far the contents have not been released.

And even after she died, Capitan was still a target.

One wrote: “She’s finished the lives of many animals and no one defended the death of them … I think our [lives are] worth the same as theirs.”

Others mourned her death, saying the loss was a “shame.”

One conflicted poster wrote: “I do not like hunting, defending animals and killing for (hobby) seems horrible to me. But it’s a shame that this girl took her life.”



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