CVS to stop ‘photo-shopping’ beauty product ads


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Merkel may join Macron in epic Davos Trump clash – 01:56

Trump says he’s ‘not a racist,’ ‘ready’ for DACA deal – 01:07

North and South Korea talk Olympics and girl bands – 01:11

Hundreds join search for CA mudslide victims – 01:05

“Shithole” projected on Trump’s D.C. hotel – 01:10

Fire engulfs casino shuttle boat off Florida coast – 00:53

Cotton denies hearing “shithole” remark from Trump – 00:43

Hopes dwindle for survivors of California mudslides – 00:55

Turkish plane takes nose dive off cliff – 00:42

Investigation due over Hawaii’s false missile alarm – 01:49

Hoping for a ‘miracle’ in finding missing California residents – 01:27


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