Imran turns his guns on Zardari in Shangla rally


Imran turns his guns on Zardari in Shangla rally

ISLAMABAD: PTI chairman Imran Khan said former president Asif Ali Zardari will have to be held accountable for corruption after Nawaz Sharif.

“We will have to rid the country of thieves and plunderers to put Pakistan on the path of progress and prosperity,” Khan told a gathering of supporters at Shangla.

The money which was supposed to be spent on public welfare was plundered by the corrupt elements, he said, adding the American demands for ‘do more’ are accepted to receive the US money.

He urged PPP chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to tell the public how much property his father had amassed abroad.

Khan said that Sharif family had stolen over 300 Billion rupees and it’s time for each and every Pakistani to stand against this “corrupt” family.

“People of Pakistan will not be cheated by the Corrupt Sharif family anymore, their time is up, its time for them to be jailed!”

The PTI chief appealed to people to vote for ideology on July 25.

“We are hearing that Nawaz Sharif is returning to Pakistan on Friday and he has asked his supporters to receive him at the airport. Has he conquered  Kashmir or won a world cup?” he questioned.

Nawaz Sharif was coming back after the winning the corruption world cup, he alleged. 


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