Mini-Vows: They Hit It Off During a Surgical Consultation


“He is hilarious, that was the first thing,” Dr. Myers said. “He cracked me up a lot, and I could tell he had a very similar personality. He’s a genuinely good person.”

“She is extremely beautiful, and this super spunky, extremely short redhead,” he said. “She’s hard to miss. She fills up a room as soon as she enters it.”

He eventually asked her out, sending her an awkward Facebook message after her profile popped up as someone he might know, and the two planned to meet up. But then he got stuck doing a liver resection and didn’t get out of the operating room until three or four hours after their date was supposed to happen. “I said, ‘Please give me another chance,’ and she was sending screen shots from at least one of her friends, who said, ‘You should never go out with him again,’” he said.

“I was not pleased, but it seemed like a reasonable excuse,” she said.

On New Year’s Day, in 2016, the two had their not entirely conventional first date.

“We were both kind of feeling under the weather, so I said why don’t we just order Indian food and watch some zombie movies,” Dr. Folkert said.

They did, and the date went long.

“Around three in the morning — both of us had to go to work at six — she just looked over at me,” he said, “and said ‘Are you going to kiss me or what?’”

He did, and “enamored” became something more profound.

“After the first date, I was that psychotic person going around telling my friends, I’m going to marry this person,” he said. “But it was what it was.”


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