Matt Lauer Can Keep New Zealand Ranch, Despite Inquiry Into Conduct


Ms. Barrett, the spokeswoman, said Mr. Lauer had made further sworn statements in his defense that could not be made public. But she said investigators had to rely on his “accuracy and truthfulness.”

The office noted that NBC’s internal investigation had focused on the broadcaster’s response to workplace misconduct complaints, rather than Mr. Lauer’s specific conduct. That inquiry, which was criticized for what some saw as NBC’s lack of thoroughness in investigating itself, found no wrongdoing in the news division’s handling of Mr. Lauer’s case.

While New Zealand investigators had also reviewed “troubling” allegations about Mr. Lauer on social media platforms, Ms. Barrett said, her office could not rely on “unverified material or allegations made on social media.”

Ms. Barrett said that in Mr. Lauer’s case, the office did not find any information that raised a “legitimate concern” that he might use his position to “replicate behavior” that would affect his fitness to hold the lease on the New Zealand property.

The office also noted that Mr. Lauer lived primarily in the United States, not New Zealand, and was not involved in the ranch’s daily operations.

“We are conscious that the NBC investigation team has stated that it remains interested in hearing from any person who may have further information for it,” Ms. Barrett said.


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