Tech companies are offering employees this $1,200 smart crib that can soothe babies to sleep


4,000 babies die in their sleep every year in the U.S. and nearly 70% of those babies die in bed with their parents or while they are in an unsafe location, said Dr. Karp, CEO of Happiest Baby.

“What we see is that 80% of the parents keep the baby in the Snoo and don’t bring the baby into their own bed,” he said. “That’s going to help protect babies and hopefully save some lives.”

For Curley, the safety features were the best part.

“I definitely think it helps with postpartum anxiety and all of the anxiety that comes with being a parent,” she said. “I know he’s safe in there and that he’s not going to roll.”

As I scoured reviews online of the product, I found that a majority of parents agree.

Sarah Phelps is one of those parents. She works in human resources at Activision and she is one of 80 parents who use the Snoo as a company perk.

She said the Snoo gave her peace of mind and definitely helped her son sleep. “I would definitely recommend it,” Phelps said in a phone interview.

But she probably would not have spent the money on it had it not been a company benefit.

“Without Activision buying this for me, I would have settled for something more affordable,” Phelps said. “At $1,200 retail, for a baby, I just couldn’t rationalize it.”

Dr. Karp said Happiest Baby is expanding its benefits program and is also working toward starting a Snoo rental service to make it more accessible to more parents.

In the meantime though, parents like Curley say that it is worth the price.

“After thinking about all of the other money that we’ve spent on different swaddles or a co-sleeper, I would say it’s worth it,” Curley said. “Even getting an extra hour of sleep each day as a parent is priceless.”


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