Web Analytics Certification Training for $19

Web analytics is the present and future, and to become truly competitive in the job market, or to have any real entrepreneurial success, you need to know how to crunch internet data. Through in-depth lectures and practice, this course will help you get certified in this vital field. You’ll learn how to measure, collect, tracks, and analyze internet data to optimize web usage and make better business solutions based on market research. By course’s end, you’ll be well versed in web analytics, and be ready to make a leap in the world of analytics.

  • Access 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how web data analytics drives important insights into the behavior of the market & website traffic
  • Explore various features of web analytics & multi-channel analytics
  • Generate valuable data from internal search analysis
  • Confidently analyze & provide business solutions
  • Conduct qualitative research & deliver actionable, data-driven business insights
The online courses at Certs School give folks the chance to throw their careers into overdrive without ever leaving their cubicle. Designed to let students learn at their own pace, the courses give people the chance to learn everything from analyzing big data to using business tools such as Salesforce. Every course is designed by industry insiders with years of experience. For more information on this course and instructor, click here.


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