Warriors suffer through cold showers at ‘The Q’


CLEVELAND — The Golden State Warriors were on fire in the fourth quarter as they shot 53 percent to propel them to a 118-108 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night at Quicken Loans Arena.

But in the locker room, they were suddenly cooled off.

Players were complaining about there being no hot water in the visiting locker room showers. When they walked in, they could be heard screaming in discomfort. Most of the players emerged shivering from taking a quick wash-off.

“Man, they got to do something in ‘The Q.’ Somebody call Bron!” Kevin Durant yelled, referring to LeBron James.

No one seemed angry; the situation was more humorous.

It was 27 degrees in downtown Cleveland on Monday night, but after the game the Warriors were flying to Chicago, where it’s a chilly 10 degrees.

Draymond Green and Durant were seen putting multiple layers of clothes on before exiting the locker room.

Golden State has won 13 straight road games. The Warriors face the Bulls on Wednesday, the fourth game of a five-game road trip.


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