VERBATIM: Trump says willing to testify in Russia probe


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Tech firms let Russia examine U.S. software – 02:31

Trump has ‘nothing to hide’ from Mueller -Moscow – 01:27

Davos turns its attention to Trump’s arrival – 01:35

‘No one believed, because no one listened’: Nassar victim blasts MSU, U.S.A Gymnastics – 01:28

Woods gives thumbs up on eve of PGA Tour return – 01:17

Brazil court upholds Lula conviction – 01:59

Macron, Merkel lay out anti-Trump strategy in Davos – 01:45

Maduro signals ‘anti-Trump’ stance in reelection bid – 01:16

Pharma firms ‘need to do more’ to counter superbugs – 02:01

Astronauts complete first spacewalk of 2018 – 00:45

Nassar cries after victim asks for an apology – 01:46


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