VERBATIM: Trump says ‘I’d beat Oprah’


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After devastating wildfires, Californians now brace for mudslides – 01:30

Controversial sheriff pardoned by Trump to run for Senate – 01:41

North Korea willing to talk but not about nukes – 01:36

Alabama ecstacy; fans celebrate dramatic win over Georgia – 01:00

Could Apple become a ‘sin’ stock? – 02:07

North Korea to send athletes, cheer squad to Winter Olympics – 01:51

Four sentenced to prison in fraternity hazing death – 01:59

Fired Google engineer sues over ‘white’ discrimination – 02:05

Wolff defends book, says 25th Amendment has “come up” inside White House – 02:29

“I’m the boss”: 99-year-old still dancing up a storm – 01:29

Pope urges dialogue in Korea, nuclear ban – 01:43


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