Turkish forces press into Syria in new operation


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FBI investigating new person of interest in Las Vegas massacre: sheriff – 00:37

Sen. Duckworth slams Trump calling him “five-deferment draft dodger” – 00:36

Missouri governor denies violence, hush money, blackmail in affair – 00:20

Afghan forces end deadly 13 hour Kabul hotel siege – 01:30

Women stage nationwide protests, again – 01:42

Republicans and Democrats spin the government shutdown – 01:40

President not to blame for shutdown impasse: Mulvaney – 00:45

U.S. government shutdown would affect military operations: Mattis – 02:10

Flu virus causes rising number of hospitalizations – 01:22

Nassar says it’s too hard to listen to victims, judge calls him ‘delusional’ – 01:36

Snow, Trump set to besiege World Economic Forum – 02:18


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