Trump jokes about his physical


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Walmart to hike wages, citing recent tax overhaul – 01:52

Ryan defends Trump tweets criticizing spying bill – 00:36

Missouri governor admits to extramarital affair, denies blackmail – 01:50

De Niro calls Trump ‘baby-in-chief’ in profanity-laced tirade – 02:16

Tearful superintendent regrets teacher arrest – 01:47

Czech vote to decide fate of divisive president – 01:42

Lithuania liquor ad ban causes headaches – 01:17

Canada increasingly convinced Trump will quit NAFTA – 01:39

Japanese astronaut apologises for tall tale – 01:07

EPA’s Pruitt calls for ‘open, honest’ talk on climate science – 00:43

Skies clear, but California death toll expected to rise – 01:28


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