Trump arrives for State of the Union address


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Amazon, Berkshire, JPM join forces to tackle healthcare costs – 01:45

U.S. agency criticizes Hawaii over false missile alarm – 01:43

Russian ‘oligarchs’ list may foreshadow to new U.S. sanctions – 01:32

Leaked reports says UK will suffer after Brexit – 01:12

Tests link Syrian gov’t stockpile to largest sarin attack – 02:07

Freed Saudi prince faces lingering questions – 02:04

A Tennessee town braces for Trump’s new trade tariffs – 02:19

Russian police detain Putin critic Navalny at protest – 01:24

IKEA’s Swedish founder dies aged 91 – 01:08

Immigration dominates Trump’s State of the Union speech – 02:40

VERBATIM: A young Kennedy delivers Dems’ response to Trump – 01:07


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