The Papers: Road ‘misery’ to end and EU ‘saves May’


Image caption The 50mph (80km/h) speed limit for sections of motorways with roadworks is to be increased to 60mph (96km/h), the Times reports. The paper says tests using heart monitors showed motorists felt more relaxed at the higher limit because it allows them to accelerate away from large lorries and spend less time checking their speedometers.
Image caption “Have our police lost the plot?” is the front page headline of the Daily Mail. The paper says police chiefs have been urged to abandon “silly stunts” and get officers back on the beat after taking part in “increasingly bizarre gimmicks”.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads on the latest round of Brexit talks, saying that EU leaders significantly “softened” their stance with the UK amid fears Theresa May’s government could collapse if negotiations remain deadlocked. The paper quotes German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying she is in “absolutely no doubt” that the two parties can make a success of the negotiations.
Image caption The i says EU leaders have broken the “stalemate” over the negotiations by agreeing to discuss trade arrangements with the UK. But the paper notes that Europeans have also demanded more clarity over the size of the UK’s Brexit divorce bill.
Image caption The Guardian reports that children with mental health problems are waiting up to 18 months for treatment. The revelations are contained in an upcoming Care Quality Commission report that will shine a light on the “poor care” many young people receive, the paper says.
Image caption Board members of The Weinstein Company tried to investigate co-founder Harvey Weinstein for years but ran into “super lawyers” who acted for the Hollywood producer, according to the Financial Times. The paper says the concerns pre-date accusations of sexual harassment directed against Weinstein.
Image caption The Daily Mirror leads on an interview with the mum of Strictly Come Dancing Star and Paralympian Jonnie Peacock, who tells the paper doctors told her to say goodbye to her son when he was just five years old as he lay fighting for his life in hospital.
Image caption The Sun reports that Coronation Street star Bruno Langley is at the centre of an ITV internal investigation after a woman complained that he had behaved inappropriately. Mr Langley, 34, is said to be “devastated” by the claims, which he “vehemently denies”.
Image caption The Daily Express warns of impending “killer storm chaos” on its front page. The paper said Storm Brian was “hurtling” towards Britain on Friday night, bringing with it potentially “deadly weather”.
Image caption And the Daily Star also leads on the storm, reporting that the Army is on standby to respond.

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