The Papers: Oxfam shop abuse claims and ‘aid for sex’


Image caption Oxfam continues to make front page headlines and the Daily Telegraph’s lead story is the allegation by the charity’s former head of safeguarding, Helen Evans, that teenage charity shop volunteers were abused and overseas staff had traded aid for sex. The paper quotes her interview with Channel 4 News, in which she claimed overseas staff had been accused of rape, and abuse of young volunteers by shop managers had been covered up.
Image caption The Metro also leads with the same Channel 4 News interview. The paper says Ms Evans “eventually quit in despair as she felt bosses were not taking her warnings about alleged sexual misconduct by staff in Britain and worldwide seriously enough”.
Image caption Figures seen by the Daily Mail state that there have been 123 claims of sexual harassment at Oxfam stores. The paper said the charity had not carried out criminal record checks on the 23,000 volunteers who staff its 650 shops.
Image caption The Guardian reports that Oxfam could lose £29m in European funding because of its handling of sexual misconduct by senior staff in Haiti and Chad. The European Commission, which has provided funding for the charity, said it was “ready to review” and potentially cease funding any partner that was not “living up to the required high ethical standards”.
Image caption The i’s front page story also relates to ongoing accusations against Oxfam. The charity’s deputy chief executive Penny Lawrence resigned, saying she was “ashamed” and took full responsibility. “I am ashamed this happened on my watch” is the headline the paper goes with.
Image caption The Financial Times carries a picture of an Oxfam badge on its front page, with the slogan “Love Is Safety” – but the paper leads with a financial story. It reports that Barclays has been charged with unlawful financial assistance over a $3bn loan made to the state of Qatar in November 2008. The paper says this is the second time the Serious Fraud Office has charged the banking group over emergency fundraising from that year.
Image caption The killer of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman claims a second attempt was made on his life in prison. In tapes leaked to The Sun, Ian Huntley alleges a violent convict tried to slit his throat at HMP Frankland, Co Durham, last May.
Image caption A study shows inflammatory tablets used to treat arthritis could slash a person’s risk of dementia in half, the Daily Express reports. The paper also features a photo of Stuart Hill and Becky Dobson, who were among the three British tourists killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon on Saturday.
Image caption The Daily Mirror reports that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s fiancee, visited the site of the Grenfell Tower fire to comfort victims. On its front page the paper quotes a resident who said: “It means so much.”
Image caption The Daily Star claims health and safety officials have warned people over participating in pancake races, as some could get hurt running on “unpleasant wet and muddy grass”. The paper adds the strap headline “Snowflakes ruin yet another tradition” and it’s pretty clear it is not talking about the weather conditions.

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