The Great Indoors (2016 TV Series)


This show relies on narrowly drawn characters based on cruel, inaccurate stereotypes. Millennials are made to look incompetent. Of course, Gen Xers and Boomers hired these incompetents and spend their time being exasperated at their antics. It seems to me it would certainly be possible to find millennials who are indeed interested in outdoor activities.

The Gen Xers and Boomers do not understand any form of technology. Somehow a man who spent decades traveling the world and only recently was called back to the head office has no understanding of video links, uploads, tablets, social media or any other technology. He must have been sending his info back to the magazine by carrier pigeon.

The show is wasting wonderful actors on poorly drawn characterizations and lame story lines. The overblown laugh track cannot disguise how unfunny it is.

As a person born on the cusp between the baby boom and Gen X and someone who works in tech, I can say this unfunny sitcom is well off the mark. There is real humor to be found in these situations. Unfortunately the writers haven’t found it.

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