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Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Can You Guess These Three Surprising Energy Trends?

There are many reasons why electricity prices have been so stable. Among the most important ones is the boom in shale gas production, which...

Germany ‘Captive to Russia’ for Energy, Trump Claims

By charging that Germany is in thrall to Moscow, Mr. Trump appeared to be attempting to deflect criticism that he is too accommodating toward...

Saudi Arabia Promised More Oil. So Why Are Prices Rising?

LONDON — When major oil producers last met in Vienna, they said they would curb rising prices by ramping up production. Why, then, are...

The Natural Gas Industry Has a Leak Problem

Environmental groups have argued that voluntary measures are not always sufficient, and they have urged federal regulators to step in and mandate more sweeping...

Trump Orders a Lifeline for Struggling Coal and Nuclear Plants

If the Trump administration were to invoke these two statutes, the move would almost certainly be challenged in federal court by natural gas and...