South Africa 6/1 * v India 187/10


5.33pm A little under 83 overs bowled today, 193 runs and 11 wickets fell. Ball definitely dominated bat today, as has been the case for much of the series. India were bowled out for 187, a score that could be under-par for this surface. South Africa’s bowlers all contributed to a terrific day’s cricket, but India were led by fifties from Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar contributed a handy 30, and then came out and picked out a wicket to lead India’s late fightback. But you would think South Africa need one innings to really take this game away, and India need to just stay disciplined and the wickets will come on this surface. Whatever it is, we’ll be back bright and early for day 2. Do join us then. Take care.

For all the football fans in the house, earlier today, former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham was sacked as head coach of ATK. But was it the right choice, or did he need extra time to step up and prove himself?

Was this highlight of the day? Cheteshwar Pujara’s 53 dots before he opened his scoring. WATCH the Chesistance in 53 seconds

Bumrah to Rabada, no run, 142 kph, fantastic end from Bumrah. Good length delivery outside off, the ball pitches and moves back in. Rabada watchfully lets that one go.

Last ball of the day

Kumar to Elgar, no run, whew, 134 kph, how does one play that? Pitched up, full outside off, the ball moves away and beats the bat. There’s no way any batsman is getting close to that, unless he is very very good, or very very bad.

Kumar to Elgar, no run, full and wide outside off, 130 kph, moves away, left alone.

Could be the last over of another bowling-friendly day this series

Bumrah to Rabada, no run, dug in short around off, a wasted delivery, Rabada is easily underneath that

Shreyas: “I’m very sceptical about Bumrah playing tests. He’s a good bowler, but some bowlers just aren’t a fit build for tests. We should keep him as a limited overs specialist as England did with Chris Jordan and Tymal Mills. There might be a lot of pressure on Bumrah if he doesn’t bag wickets on a consistent basis and that might affect his performance in other formats.”

Apoorva Ekbote: “Shami should be given the new ball. Inexplicable why Bumrah is preferred. Shami bowls perfect upright seam which would be ideal in this track. Kohli missing a trick here”

Suvrat Shah: “SA just avoided the follow-on without even a single ball being bowled by India”

Bumrah to Elgar, no run, wow, hit on the hand. Like Pujara, even Elgar is wearing a few. This one jags back in from outside off, beats Elgar on the inside edge and whacks him on the elbow. That’s a very painful blow. He needs some treatment, and more importantly, time.


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