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Wedding presents of tableware with images by a diverse group of artists will suit a multitude of tastes. Some images are very contemporary; some are modern and abstract. Others, like a set of salt and pepper shakers, refer us back to the 1960s and Andy Warhol.

Plates by Louise Bourgeois are patterned with imagery from her scrapbooks of textiles now on view in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (through Jan. 28, 2018). Or the newlyweds’ table might be better set with porcelain plates decorated with images by Kehinde Wiley, the New York-based artist chosen by Michelle and Barack Obama to paint Mr. Obama’s official portrait.

If the couple loves abstract expressionism, consider colorful place mats decorated with the work of Sam Francis. For more traditional couples, try porcelain mugs emblazoned with Gustav Klimt’s, “The Kiss” or “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer.”


1. Dotted Porcelain Plate

Red Dots Plate by Louise Bourgeois is decorated with a pattern from a scrapbook of fabrics called “Ode â l’Oubli” in the current exhibition of Ms Bourgeois’s work at the Museum of Modern Art. The 10½-inch porcelain plate is dishwasher safe.

$55; at MoMA Design Store,


2. Oval Porcelain Platter

Jeff Koons: Banality Oval Platter is a limited edition porcelain piece manufactured by Bernardaud, the French china company. The 15-inch platter has a reproduction of “Ushering in Banality,” a 1988 work by Mr. Koons.

$380 at MoMA Design Store,


3. Decorative Cotton Towel

A tea towel by the English artist Chris Ofili will help decorate a kitchen when serving guests. The colorful cotton towel has an image of a woman from his Afro Muses series of watercolor paintings made between 1995 and 2005. Each towel is 19½ by 27 inches.

$45 from the New Museum,


4. Hand-Painted Mug

A speckled mug by Peter Shire, a Los Angeles ceramic artist who was part of the Memphis Design Group led by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s, is hand painted. Each mug has slightly different patterns and colors.

$60 at the Shop at Cooper Hewitt,


5. Jessica on the Plate

The Jessica Plate, from a 1994 painting by Alex Katz, is porcelain and 10½ inches.

$125 at the Whitney Museum Shop,


6. Cotton Hand-Embroidered Napkin

Donald Sultan’s “Mimosa” drawings were the inspiration for eight Mimosa cotton napkins. Each 18-inch-square, hand-embroidered napkin in the set is decorated with a different pattern taken from the series of drawings.

A set of eight is $200 from Artware,


7. Vibrant Porcelain Plate

The Mary Little porcelain plate, with a detail from a 2014 painting called “Mary Little, Later Mary Carr” by Kehinde Wiley, is 10¾ inches. All are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Mary Little porcelain plate, $99. A set of six plates with details from six portraits from Mr. Wiley’s works painted from 2008-2012 is $525 from Artware,


8. Tea for Two and Gold Leaf, Too

Bone china mugs with images by Gustav Klimt, “Das Kuss” (“The Kiss”) and Adele Bloch Bauer, are sold as a set of two. The 12-ounce mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

$27.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond,


9. Shakers (Smaller Than a Soup Can)

Porcelain salt and pepper shakers by Ligne Blanche inspired by Andy Warhol’s “Colored Campbell’s Soup Cans” (1965) are about two-and-a-half inches high.

$125 for the set,


10. Cork-Backed Place Mat Set

Place mats with images by the American abstract expressionist Sam Francis, are backed with cork.

$45 for two from the Gallery Shops at the National Gallery of Art,

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