Pence tells Israelis that U.S. embassy will move in 2019


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U.S. House would accept bill funding government to Feb. 8: Ryan – 00:49

Jordan’s king tells Pence U.S. must rebuild trust after Jerusalem decision – 01:24

GOP, Democrats locked in a shutdown standoff – 02:17

Amazon’s automated grocery store of the future – 02:03

Pence to troops: No immigration talks until government reopens – 01:02

Turkish forces press into Syria in new operation – 01:17

Sen. Duckworth slams Trump calling him “five-deferment draft dodger” – 00:36

Afghan forces end deadly 13 hour Kabul hotel siege – 01:30

EXCLUSIVE: Plunder helps Philippines militants rebuild – 01:51

Tension in Rohingya camps as return plan is delayed – 01:17

U.S. House passes measure to fund government and end shutdown – 00:25


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