Our Favorite Budget Food Processor Is Even Cheaper Today


Having a food processor in the kitchen makes quick work of so many tasks. A good one will knead dough for pies and pizzas; purée dips; and, with the right attachments, slice and dice way faster and more evenly than most people can do by hand. The one problem? They’re notoriously pricey. We tested a wide range of food processors on the market and even our best “budget” one was still pretty expensive. But today, it’s on sale for $144.99—that’s 60% off its list price, and considerably more discounted than we’ve seen it sold for in the past.

Want to know what else is on sale today? How about a certified refurbished version of Stella’s favorite KitchenAid stand mixer or a really fun waffle iron to make mac and cheese waffles (or any of these other marvelous waffled creations). There’s also a discount on a FoodSaver, if you’re interested in giving sous vide cooking a go. (We highly suggest you do.)

Please note: Deals reflect pricing at the time of writing, and are subject to change.


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