Newspaper headlines: ‘Tories in turmoil’ and Brexit betrayal


Image caption ‘Tories in turmoil’ is the headline in the Sunday Times. The paper joined forces with Channel Four to look into whether some politicians are attempting to make money out of Brexit. Former cabinet ministers Lord Lansley, Peter Lilley and Andrew Mitchell, who are at the centre of the allegations, have strongly denied any wrongdoing.
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph focuses on Brexit, claiming there are fears within the government that the prime minister is allowing Remainer civil servants to dictate terms of the departure from the EU. The paper quotes a Cabinet source warning that Britain is facing a “betrayal of Brexit”.
Image caption Donald Trump is the lead for the Mail on Sunday. The paper says the US president has criticised Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, claiming that she’s not been “tough enough”.
Image caption A crackdown on rogue parking companies is the focus for the Sunday Express, which says that changes by the government will stop unscrupulous operators accessing drivers’ information.
Image caption TV presenter Nick Knowles makes the front page of the Daily Star Sunday, denying claims made by his estranged wife on social media.

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