New York sues Harvey Weinstein, threatening studio sale


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Wall Street makes a comeback after tumultuous week – 01:46

Chips, not cameras, behind Amazon’s purchase of Blink – 01:36

White House aides say Trump still supports Kelly – 01:48

No survivors in Russian plane crash – 00:43

Trump calls for ‘Due Process’ amid staffers’ allegations – 01:43

Carnival lights up Rio despite crime wave – 01:45

White House staff in turmoil after another messy exit – 02:12

Trump blocks Democrats’ memo, calling it ‘very political and long’ – 02:22

Sexual abuse victims strut at #MeToo themed fashion show – 01:46

Inside the massive U.S. budget deal – 02:04

VERBATIM: Latest Syria attack could amount to ‘war crimes’ -U.N. – 00:54


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