New exhibit reveals declassified documents on U.S. role behind Chile coup


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Dow, S&P 500 end up; earnings a boost – 00:56

Breakingviews TV: Tweet dreck – 03:34

Catalan leader says not enough guarantees from Madrid to call election – 00:54

House passes budget plan, clears way for tax reform – 00:43

Bush Sr. apologizes after groping accusation – 01:10

Barcelona students protest over Spain’s plans for direct rule – 01:07

Explosion at Indonesian firework factory kills scores – 00:50

Airports brace for delays as new US security rules take hold – 01:51

Tesla’s seat strategy raises eyebrows – 02:20

Kenyatta votes in Kenya election re-run – 00:53

Opposition supporters clash with police in Nairobi slum – 00:53


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