Missile alert mistakenly sent out in Hawaii


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Missile alert mistakenly sent out in Hawaii – 01:13

Hawaii governor says false missile warning “regrettable” – 01:12

Hoping for a ‘miracle’ in finding missing California residents – 01:27

Call center jobs await deported Salvadorans – 01:57

Candidate pledges to stay in IL attorney general race after being robbed – 01:13

SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship returns to Earth – 01:04

Iran says it will retaliate for Trump sanctions – 01:15

‘Dreamers’ live in limbo as Washington debates immigration – 01:44

Trump sets off firestorm with ‘shithole’ remark – 02:21

VERBATIM: Africans, Haitians react to ‘shithole’ comment – 00:57

Loophole in new tax law could save Apple billions – 01:50


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