Michael B. Jordan Adopts an Inclusion Rider for His Company


Outlier, founded in 2016, is producing “Raising Dion,” a 10-episode drama about a single mother raising a superhero. Mr. Jordan, one of the show’s executive producers, will also act in the series, which is due on Netflix in 2019.

The company is also developing a reboot of “The Thomas Crown Affair,” and Mr. Jordan will make his directorial debut with an adaptation of “The Stars Beneath Our Feet.” It was not immediately known whether the inclusion rider would apply to those projects and others underway.

A publicist for Mr. Jordan could not immediately be reached for comment.

As explained by Stacy Smith, who researches gender equality in film and television at the University of Southern California, inclusion riders would increase the representation of women, people of color and members of L.G.B.T. communities on screen and behind the camera. As an example, it might require the cast be 50 percent female, 40 percent underrepresented ethnic groups, 20 percent people with disabilities and 5 percent L.G.B.T. people.

Ms. Smith said she hoped top Hollywood stars would require the rider before they appear in films, making it difficult for studios to attract the biggest names without a commitment to diversity.

On Thursday, Ms. Smith said she was thrilled that someone “at the heartbeat of culture” would offer his support. Other actors have reached out through representatives “on a fact-finding journey” but Mr. Jordan was the first to go public with his support of the idea, she said.

“This is a win on every level,” she said. “We’re hopeful this is one of many to come.”

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