McConnell wants an immigration solution this week


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MSU faculty to hold no confidence vote in trustees – 00:49

New Hampshire Powerball winner wants to remain anonymous – 01:15

Israeli police recommend bribery charges against Netanyahu – 00:47

Mardi Gras festivities kick off in New Orleans – 00:34

“Decision time is becoming ever closer” on North Korea: Intel chief – 00:31

FBI followed protocol in Rob Porter background check: Wray – 01:23

VERBATIM: More Russian cyber attacks on U.S. elections ‘likely’ – 01:01

Goodbye food stamps, hello Blue Apron? – 00:36

S. African leader told to resign, timeframe unknown – 01:58

Trump scraps GOP quest to balance the U.S. budget – 02:09

In rare move, U.S. Senate debates fate of ‘Dreamers’ – 02:17


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