CUJO AI Smart Internet Security Firewall + Free Subscription for $224


“It won’t happen to me.” The most famous last words known to humanity, and perhaps never more prescient than in the digital age of hacking. Your home is full of smart devices that aren’t protected by antivirus software, leaving them and your home network open to unwelcome digital intruders. That means they can control your home’s devices, see your online activities, and even steal your personal information. Don’t let that happen. Simply connect CUJO to your network and let it use its machine learning protocols to secure every device operating on that network. This smart firewall keeps your home (and family) safe from hacks, viruses, and other web threats that could affect any web-connected device on your network, all without slowing it down. Best of all, this deal includes a free lifetime subscription to all of CUJO’s business-level services. Recent improvements have been made to device and threat filtering, device identification and statistics, and blocked attempts now show website categorization.

Demoed at CES 2017
9.6/10, Digital Reviews
“CUJO goes beyond traditional security by using a multi-layer approach that combines firewall, antivirus, and malware typically found in separate devices,” Yahoo Finance
“CUJO provides the sophistication of its corporate counterpart, with the elegance and ease-of-use of a home appliance. This new generation of cyber home security gives the physical guard dog a virtual partner,” The Huffington Post

  • Secure all your network-connected devices w/ one tool for life
  • Turn off internet connectivity for bedtime, or restrict online access during time dedicated to homework
  • Enjoy business-level internet security blocking malicious sites, viruses, & hacks
  • Keep your network safe from phishing, malware, webcam hacks, & other cyber threats
  • Use the mobile app to control & monitor all devices on your network, receive instant threat notifications, & control internet access for select devices
  • Manually override any blocks automated by CUJO so you’re in control all the time
  • Pause a profile w/ an easy-to-use timer
  • Read the latest blog posts from CUJO in your app


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