Comcast vies with Fox for Sky takeover


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The new Fed chairman breaks his silence – 02:12

Prosecutors seek 30 year jail term for South Korean ex-president – 01:56

Trump says it’s OK to break with NRA on gun violence – 02:15

Florida Sheriff’s Office could be sued over deputy’s inaction – 02:36

Melania is ‘heartened’ to see students speak out after shooting – 01:46

U.S. Supreme Court could weaken unions’ fundraising – 01:46

Trump says “let it take tariffs” to revive U.S. steel jobs – 00:34

Suspected chlorine gas attack strikes near Damascus – 01:21

Samsung attempts DIY emojis with Galaxy S9 launch – 02:00

Oakland mayor warns community of possible ICE raid – 01:38

Trump says guns will be top of the agenda with governors – 01:04


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