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Winter does have advantages — namely, it offers infinite excuses for the (perhaps secret) homebody to stay put, guilt free. One might think of Thanksgiving as a nationally sanctioned day to never get off the couch, except to make it to the dining room. Here, some chic things for lounging like a pro.


The Robe Upgrade

When Racil Chalhoub introduced her line of modern tuxedos in London in 2015, they were quickly snapped up by Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, Selfridges and others. The label’s velvet robes have the same luxe sophistication, and while they look plenty nice in an evening outfit, they’d be ever so chic over pajamas.

Racil velvet robe, $676 at Matches Fashion;


The Essential Sweats

Any seasoned lounger needs a solid pair of cashmere sweatpants. These from Everlane are made from 100 percent Mongolian cashmere, and they’re priced accessibly enough that even slackers without a trust fund can enjoy them.

Everlane cashmere sweatpants, $140 at


A Finnish Label to Know

Scandinavians are serious about lounging, so much so that they’ve invented a vocabulary for it. The Danes have “hygge,” a word used to describe the act of getting cozy, and the Finns have “kalsarikannit,” which means, roughly, enjoying a glass of wine in your underwear. It probably shouldn’t surprise, then, that the Finnish knitwear label Arela, run by Maija Arela and her two daughters, has created cashmere socks expressly for sleeping. They suggest you don’t wear them with shoes (or walk in them, for that matter).

Arela cashmere socks, $112 at


Steamed Heat

When a luxury pajama label teams up with an outdoorsy lifestyle brand that’s beloved by campers and urbanites, it’s a recipe for maximum coziness. Slumberland, a collaboration between Sleepy Jones and Best Made Company, includes a robe, a hot-water bottle (and cover) and a blanket, all in a custom weave merino wool and cotton. It’s everything you need for a good winter night in.

Slumberland hot-water bottle and cover, $78 at


A Sweater That Shines

Somewhere between a schlubby basic and a going-out top lies the sparkly sweater. It says, “I value comfort but still like to party.”

Marc Jacobs paillette sweater, $297 at Neiman Marcus,

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