Argentina president laments death of five citizens in NYC attack

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Images of October – 01:58

NYSE holds moment of silence for NYC attack victims – 00:30

Dodgers fans ecstatic ahead of World Series decider – 00:37

Obama cracks “born in Kenya” joke, decries today’s politics – 01:41

Re-training effort lags as Trump pledges coal mining revival – 02:16

Deadly Halloween attack in New York branded ‘terrorism’ – 02:06

U.S. directly engages N. Korea despite Trump criticism – 01:28

School bus carrying children hit in New York attack – 01:38

Man seen running from vehicle after New York truck attack – 00:38

Britain’s Prince Harry opens up about Diana at Obama summit – 01:17

Tech’s Big 3 testify on Russian election meddling – 02:38


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