Afghan forces end deadly 13 hour Kabul hotel siege


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EXCLUSIVE: Plunder helps Philippines militants rebuild – 01:51

Tension in Rohingya camps as return plan is delayed – 01:17

U.S. House passes measure to fund government and end shutdown – 00:25

Teen says MSU still billing her for appointments with Nassar – 01:43

U.S. government shutdown fizzles out as Senate strikes deal – 00:35

Trump says to make immigration deal only if good for U.S. – White House – 00:47

15-year-old girl wounded in Texas high school shooting – 00:45

Court orders Pennsylvania redraw Congressional maps – 02:16

FDA releases review of new smoking device – 01:43

United States needs to pay attention to “treasured” relationship with Britain, Tillerson says – 01:41

Snow, Trump set to besiege World Economic Forum – 02:29


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