A single ticket wins the $450 Mega Millions prize


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Trump says North and South Korea talks are result of his ‘tough stance’ – 01:24

Brutal, dangerous cold grips the East Coast – 01:30

Fix to chip hacking threat creates new worries – 01:53

Trump defends mental state, says book ‘work of fiction’ – 01:36

U.S. cities tackle crime with tech and friendly policing – 02:10

11 Saudi princes detained in protest: report – 01:03

Budget battle in Congress risks U.S. readiness – 02:01

New Jersey poised to ban drunk droning – 01:52

Iran crisis: France criticizes U.S. over U.N. meeting – 01:52

Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots top $1 billion – 00:58

Trump ignores questions about new book – 01:03


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