Returning to Pakistan to serve jail term not to escape, says Maryam Nawaz


Returning to Pakistan to serve jail term not to escape, says Maryam Nawaz

LONDON: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Maryam Nawaz termed the news of her name being added to Exit Control List (ECL) as another attempt to bar them from entering the country.

In conversation with media outlets in London on Tuesday, the former First Daughter in reference to her and Nawaz Sharif’s name being added to the ECL stated that their decisions have become even more concrete in spite of the several attempts made to stop them from entering the country.

“Adding our names to the ECL was one last attempt to stop us from returning but regardless of the tactics, the people are aware of the reality.”

She went on further to state that all strategies will backfire on those planting them.

“This is not the 80’s or the 90’s that people can easily be controlled. The devices to attack PML-N and Nawaz Sharif have become known to even those who were unaware of them,” she added.

She concluded the talk saying, “We are not going to Pakistan to escape but are going to get arrested.”

Meanwhile former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while talking to media also asserted that PML-N is the one party that is consistently getting targeted.

He went on to praise those Pakistan Army officials who shield the country from enemies by the sacrifices they make on the border.

“We should all salute them and their sacrifices. They respect their mandates and oaths by not defying them,” he added.

The two PML-N leaders who have been served 10 and seven years of jail term respectively by an accountability court in reference to the Avenfield case are set to return to Lahore on Friday 13th July.


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