Six objectives that stuck out in the PTI manifesto


Six objectives that stuck out in the PTI manifesto

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan unveiled the party’s manifesto today for the upcoming general elections 2018. Amongst the myriad of assurances, here are the few vows that stood out:

1- Fortifying rights for minorities

PTI’s manifesto vows to shield the constitutional rights of minorities by ensuring a stern protection from hostile and vile speeches as well as actions conducted in opposition of them. It also plights a representation in governmental structures as well.

2- Expulsion of gender inequity

With concerns of gender discrepancy being talked about on a frequent pace, PTI has finally addressed it, aiming to diminish the parity by taking apt actions from guarding women’s protection rights to ensuring safety from sexual misdemeanors. The manifesto also targets to include an equal representation of females in local government and public bodies.

3- Progression of the metropolis

Karachi, the industrial hub of the country which otherwise in a variety of instances appears to be one of the most shirked expanse as well, also lands on PTI’s manifesto. The party aspires to depoliticize the police service and put an end to land and bhatta mafias. The hovering water calamity that has enveloped the city has also been included in the list, along with tackling tactics of sanitation problems.

4- Safeguarding the media

With the freedom of press continuously getting challenged in the recent times, the manifesto also pledges to sustain the liberty of journalists to portray the real picture without federal influences. It also propounds the wages of journalists be handed at a timely basis.

5- Advancements in the tourism sector

PTI also claims to elevate the presently declining state of the tourism industry in the country, by creating 20 new tourist destinations within five years. It also avowed to open all government guest houses to the public as well as bump up the accommodation and transportation systems in the tourist destinations.

6- Safe haven for the differently-abled

Claiming to eradicate the negligent attitude towards the differently-abled citizens, PTI is aiming to fulfill the two percent employment quota for governmental establishments. Furthermore, it has also pledged to provide income support to those with intense disabilities. 


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