Samsung phones are sending pictures to contacts without users knowing


Samsung smartphones are sending users’ pictures to their contacts without their permission, according to complaints by a number of people posted online.

The issue appears to be affecting Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8 users.

One user on Reddit said that the entire photo library on his phone was sent over text to his girlfriend but there was no record of it on his messaging app. He discovered it had happened via his T-Mobile logs.

Users are reporting that it is an issue with Samsung Messages, the default messaging app on the South Korean company’s devices.

One person on Samsung’s community forum said the messaging app became “very buggy” after an update by T-Mobile for so-called Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging. This new standard is a messaging protocol between different carriers to help make sending videos and other media easier. It is aiming to replace traditional SMS messaging.

Samsung and T-Mobile were not immediately available for comment. Samsung did issue a statement to other news organizations saying that it is “aware of the reports” and the technical teams are “looking into it.” T-Mobile said that “it’s not a T-Mobile issue.”


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