Op-Ed Columnist: Trump: Trying to Remake America in His Own Image


“The approach means that the improper disposal of chemicals — leading to the contamination of drinking water, for instance — will often not be a factor in deciding whether to restrict or ban them,” The Times reported.

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According to the Congressional Budget Office, the corporate tax cut that Trump’s Congress passed, along with the $1.3 trillion spending bill — including a huge surge in military spending — will, even with higher economic growth, add some $2.6 trillion to the national debt over the coming decade.

If interest rates rise even moderately, as expected, in the next few years, budget experts believe that nondiscretionary spending on interest on the debt, government health care programs and Social Security will leave virtually nothing left for us to invest in improved bridges and roads, scientific research, new weapons systems, education programs and housing.

Both parties have contributed to this problem, but Trump has just sharply exacerbated it — without ever taking the C.B.O.’s projections into account.

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Add it all up and you have a president tearing apart a range of longstanding accords and relationships at once — without any serious expert input — just to serve his short-term needs, satisfy his unhinged and now unrestrained instincts or feed his hatred of his predecessor.

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Sure, if climate change turns out to be a hoax, it won’t matter that we have a president who doesn’t believe in science. And sure, if we get consecutive years of exceptionally high growth, and no recession, maybe we’ll grow out of the massive increase in the national debt Trump took on with his corporate tax cuts.

Maybe China, Canada and our European allies will indeed bend to our will on trade and it really will be easy to win multiple trade wars at once. Maybe if another 9/11, or global recession like 2008, never materializes we won’t need allies and we really can cozy up to Putin. And, sure, if health care costs miraculously drop on their own, it won’t matter that Trump destroyed Obamacare without putting anything in its place, let alone something better and cheaper, as he vowed.

Sure. And maybe Justify will win the Triple Crown again.

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