Talk: Gayle King Thinks #MeToo Needs Due Process


Is being fired a particularly harsh punishment? In some cases, yes.

But what about the rumors that some of these men will have a comeback? Sometimes it just doesn’t seem as if they’ve really taken a hit. It depends on who you’re talking about. We’re talking in generalities here, because many of the cases are different, but what I do know is you can’t come back if you don’t get the lesson and you haven’t acknowledged that you behaved badly.

Throughout the scandal with Rose, you’ve always said that as difficult as hearing the allegations is, he is a friend of yours. How have you reconciled your feelings over this? I don’t feel as if I’ve had to reconcile my feelings. I don’t believe in turning your back on a friend, even when a friend has done something you adamantly disagree with and you’re disappointed in. But I also know that you listen to women, and I don’t discount their stories, either.

What was your reaction to seeing how quickly Roseanne Barr’s show was canceled after her racist tweet? I was doing the hula in my office when I saw the breaking news! I’m all for freedom of speech, but freedom of speech comes with some responsibility.

What do you think of the conversation that people have been having about racism and bigotry over the last year and a half? Do you think that we in the media are covering these issues well? I think we covered the Roseanne story pretty well, but I would like to have a real honest conversation about what is going on with police brutality and black people in this country. And it has to come from white people and black people. Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people in Charleston. James Holmes shot up that theater in Colorado. He’s alive. Nikolas Cruz is alive. And you look at some of the cases involving unarmed black men, and they’re dead. What is wrong with this picture?

At the same time, Colin Kaepernick and N.F.L. players essentially tried to force people to have this conversation, and it looks as if they’ve been effectively silenced by the league. I’m disappointed in that conversation. Colin Kaepernick was making a point about racial inequality in this country. You can talk about racial inequality in this country and still love the country.

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