Trump Says a ‘Big Operation’ Kept Wife, Melania, From G-7


Dr. Jeffrey Berns, the associate chief of the nephrology division at Penn Medicine, said that a four-hour procedure would be “not unrealistic” if all of the preparation work — including cleaning the area, inserting lidocaine to numb the skin and inserting a catheter — was taken into account.

“The longer the procedure, the more likely that there was more than one lesion,” Dr. Berns said. “But honestly, I suspect that given who the patient was, they were taking their time and being extra careful.”

The president has cited Mrs. Trump’s surgery as a reason she will not accompany him abroad. There are a range of recommended waiting periods to avoid discomfort and blood clotting while flying, but three experts, who have not treated the first lady, said that if Mrs. Trump’s procedure had no complications, as the White House has repeatedly said, it would not be unheard-of for a physician to clear her for travel.

In the past, the stylish, Slovenia-born first lady has been an asset to her husband on the world stage, and has at times softened the image of a president who tends to use blunt force in his diplomatic efforts.

As he arrived in Canada for the Group of 7 summit meeting, Mr. Trump stood alone among other leaders and their spouses. After greeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and his wife, Sophie, Mr. Trump stood solo and gave a thumbs-up to journalists.


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