4 Mother’s Day gifts that will last all year round


It’s Mother’s Day weekend, but after the brunch and flowers, how can you make Mom’s life easier all year round?

Some new technology offerings might help, which CNBC’s “On the Money” recently discussed with Kristen Chase, publisher of CoolMomTech.com.

If you or someone in the family is constantly losing their keys, phone or wallet, a device called Tile can help solve that problem. Tile uses Bluetooth technology to keep track of your stuff.

“They’re like a second brain,” said Chase in an interview.

Users attach a device, about a quarter of the size of a Post It note, to an item such as a key ring or a phone. When you open the Tile app on their phone, you can make it ring. If the Tile is out of earshot, the app will show you the device’s last known location.

There is also another use case for parents. “I love attaching it to my kid’s security blankets…because you’re always scrambling in the middle of the night to find it,” Chase added.

Each Tile starts at $20, but you can buy them in packs for a discount, or upgrade to different styles.

If you’re always on the move, it can be hard to keep your phone constantly charged. But there’s a lot of remote phone chargers on the market. So which one is worth the money?

“Jackery always wins out for us, because this particular [version] has multiple USB chargers so you can add different gadgets,” Chase said. “You can charge phones and iPads, and it can get you, within 2 hours, a couple of iPhone 8 charges.”

The Jackery Giant+ costs $27.99.

After making a cup a coffee, a lot of things can distract you before you get that first sip. In order to avoid what Chase called “unintentional iced coffee,” there’s something called Ember. It has app-controlled mug that will keep coffee at your ideal temperature — whether that’s hot, cold, or something in between.

“You use the [Ember] app to control what temperature you want it at and even preset it,” Chase explained.

The Ember mug costs $79.99, and the travel version goes for $149.99

If you have hundreds of photos on your phone, eating up your device’s memory, a portable printer could help. Chase told CNBC she prefers the HP Sprocket. The Sprocket syncs via Bluetooth to your mobile device, and then allows you to print photos from your photo gallery. Chase said you can then add text or stickers to the photos before they print.

While the printer doesn’t require an ink cartridge, you will need to buy special paper that has the ink on it. The HP Sprocket starts at $129.00 and a pack of 20 sheets of the HP Zink Photo Paper will set you back $9.99

“It’s great for kids parties…also getting the grandparents off your back,” Chase said.

On the Money airs on CNBC Saturdays at 5:30 am ET, or check listings for air times in local markets.


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